Begin With Simple Marketing When You Start Your Business

When you’re in the early stages of building a business, focus on marketing foundations.

A week or so ago, my friend Danielle introduced me to a budding entrepreneur in the comments of one of my Instagram posts. This driven entrepreneur asked me a super smart question. Let me paraphrase:

“I haven’t exactly decided on what my business will be yet. Should I sign up for your marketing program?”

My answer? “Nope! Not yet!”

If you’re still in the early idea phases of striking out on your own, you should START SUPER SIMPLE.

Why is simple the way to go?

Your business will evolve.

It will grow and change and get better and better each year, just as YOU grow and change and get better and better each year!!

I started out doing “all things marketing + communications.”

  • Writing press releases
  • Revising company mission statements
  • Setting up LinkedIn profiles
  • Project managing brand and web designs
  • Connecting Google Analytics to websites
  • Designing postcards for direct mail campaigns
  • Doing literally anything you asked me to, because I could

Now, I focus on THREE offers.

All tied to my strengths as a big picture thinker + small action taker:

  • Grounded Growth Strategy: longterm marketing planning, rooted in your personal & professional values
  • Confident + Consistent Marketing: a multi-month mentorship for coaches, consultants & creatives to help them create smart marketing systems that drive more results in their businesses
  • Strategy Sessions: solving sticky marketing challenges in ultra-productive 1.5-hour Zoom calls

This evolution in WHAT I DO happened over TEN WHOLE YEARS.

Which means my brand, my website, my emails, my social posts, my audience development, my writing (and more) have ALL changed multiple times.

And the more complex your setup at the start, the more you have to change as you grow.

So, my advice for those still dreaming and investigating what it is they really want from their business remains: START SUPER SIMPLE.

You can create an impressive online presence to build trust with your earliest clients with these essentials.

  1. A clear understanding of who you want to work with & who is on your side
  2. A simple pitch of what you do that also shows why you’re good at it
  3. A basic website that establishes trust and demonstrates professionalism
  4. A plan to collect contact information and stay in touch with best-fit clients
  5. A social media routine that connects your ideal audience & your strengths

And I teach exactly that in my free, 3-part workshop — Online Marketing: The Groundwork👇

This is your foundation. This is what you expand on for years and years.

And you can re-write your story, add to your services and revamp your online presence pretty darn smoothly as you serve new clients, get more experience and build upon your original ideas.

Start with the basics, and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel each time, you’ll just turn it a bit to the right and keep rolling.

My advice?

Start super simple. And start today.

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Are you bringing your personal values and stories into your marketing?

You should!

That’s why we created 5 creative prompts for coaches, creatives & consultants to write, produce and share compelling stories in your emails, on social and more. These are the stories that make you stand out in a crowd.

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Amy Jacobus is an online marketing strategist who still sends handwritten thank yous. She’s obsessed with helping service providers, entrepreneurs and mission-based business owners increase their impact with smart, human marketing online. Amy teaches workshops and leads programs full of simple, apply-it-now strategies for your website, email and social media, including her signature program, Confident + Consistent Marketing. She has designed courses, facilitated workshops and participated in panel discussions for University of Denver, LEAP at St. Mary’s College, Barnard College, New York Foundation for the Arts, Gibney Dance, The Artist Co-op and Pentacle, among others. Learn more about Amy and her work at and follow her at @amyjacobus on Instagram.

This article was originally published on her blog, where she shares weekly marketing advice for creatives and entrepreneurs.



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Amy Jacobus

Amy Jacobus

Marketing Strategist, Teacher and Speaker. Helping creative entrepreneurs avoid marketing stress and make a bigger impact since 2011.